Life Begins: The First Signs of Pregnancy

Your cycle is a week late, your breasts are so tender you can hardly brush up against anything without wincing, your stomach might even feel a little queasy, and you feel tired even though you haven’t changed your routine. These very well could be the first signs of pregnancy. You could run out and buy a pregnancy test within a few days of your missed period. These home test kits are useful and fun to take, but consult your doctor for a more reliable answer.

Certainly, the first inklings you might be expecting can be confused with the flu or even stress. Knowing whether you have morning sickness or the flu should be considered particularly if you have been trying to conceive, as it is important not to take certain medications if you think you might be pregnant. If you suspect your queasy stomach is one of the first signs of pregnancy simply take a test to verify your suspicions before you take over the counter medications, or let your doctor know your concerns at your visit.

Though pregnancy is a joyful time some of the first signs of pregnancy can be somewhat annoying. You may find yourself a tad bit constipated. This is completely normal. Some women escape this inconvenience while others must endure it. Naturally, adding fiber to your diet can easily fix this concern.

Some women notice a distinct change in their ability to smell as one of the first signs of pregnancy. Suddenly, ordinary household odors that never bothered you before can become overpowering. This symptom is far less annoying than the urge to urinate more often, which is by far the most common symptom that gives away future tip toeing of tiny feet. In the first weeks of pregnancy it isn’t the size of the fetus, which creates the need to pee more often, it is the increase in the hormone progesterone being released. This increase in hormones may cause several changes in behavior, which can tip off an anxious mother-in-law right away to your first signs of pregnancy, maybe even before you were aware of it yourself.

Some women seem to know the moment of conception. If you are one of those who doesn’t have a clue, don’t worry your body will tell you rather quickly. Your areolas may begin to darken, you may feel extremely tired or you may feel none of the symptoms related to the first signs of pregnancy whatsoever. Every pregnancy, like every baby is an adventure. It is extraordinary, unique and filled with eagerness.

Treasure each moment. Get good prenatal care and begin preparing for your new arrival.

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