Five Critical Danger Signs and Symptoms

Pregnancy is, for most women, an exceptionally wonderful phenomenon. Most women are deliriously happy when they learn that they are pregnant. Indeed, this is a time of joy as well as a time to be watchful for any danger sign and/or symptom of pregnancy that could indicate complications or threatened abortion. Learning to recognize these danger signs and/or symptoms of pregnancy could save you a lot of trouble and the babys life.

Things to Watch Out For

Women may find, during the first trimester, a few drops of blood on the panties. Most of the time there is no pain or discomfort accompanying it. While this is a common occurrence during pregnancy, it is always good to immediately inform your doctor about it and obtain his or her advice. If you find that you are bleeding do not waste a moment. Inform your doctor immediately, who will give you instructions on what is to be done.

Another warning sign and/or symptom of pregnancy is gradual but consistent swelling of the hands and face sometimes accompanied by headaches and blurry vision. This can occasionally happen due to water retention which is a common (and not dangerous) symptom of pregnancy. However, sometimes this is indicative of PIH or Pregnancy Induced Hypertension which could create a lot of complications if not treated in time. Ensure that you alert your doctor when this happens.

Sudden acute abdominal pain might occur, and pain is the alarm of the body. When you get any pain, you should immediately check it out and treat as deemed necessary. Ignoring any type of pain can lead to serious trouble. Pain is a very serious danger sign and/or symptom of pregnancy; attend to it immediately.

If you find that you are leaking a clear fluid which is definitely not urine, you should contact your doctor immediately. This could indicate that your amniotic fluid is escaping and you might be suffering from threatened abortion or a miscarriage.

Acute vomiting that does not stop even after medication (with doctors prescription) happens sometimes in the last trimester due to heavy presence of hormones in the blood. Continuous vomiting may lead to dehydration which can lead to serious (even fatal) complications. If you find that you cannot hold down even water, despite repeated attempts, rush to the nearest health clinic where you could get the required medication.

The above are but a few, though critical danger signs and/or symptoms of pregnancy which need immediate referral to a medical practitioner. Take prompt action and you could save yourself from some very serious complications.

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