Morning Sickness Management Techniques You Can Use

Not all pregnant women wind up getting morning sickness. On the other hand, there is no surefire way to absolutely avoid getting it either. Since morning sickness is a real possibility, it is good to know some tricks to use to help yourself manage it. Keep reading into the following paragraphs for what has worked with others.

Have a nice supply of crackers near your bed. Get in the habit of having a few to eat prior to trying to stand up.

Having some protein in your stomach is a known way to settle your body and mind down. Eat smaller meals than usual so that you can have more of them throughout the day. Also snack when you have too. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable from the time you get up to the time you go to bed goes a long way towards helping your body stay normal.

Test out the various bracelets and bands that are designed for helping those who suffer from motion sickness. Motion sickness is not the same as morning sickness, but the physical symptoms of both do have a lot of overlap and commonality, so what works for one might also work for the other.

Talk to your doctor about their advice on how to handle morning sickness. They may know safe medications, recent research and little-known techniques. You should at a minimum have their blessing on anything you try yourself. Ask how many pregnant women they have dealt with over the years, as a doctor experienced in prenatal matters is going to have a wealth of anecdotal evidence in addition to their education and professional training.

Keep a supply of hard candy with you at all times. If you ever feel the nausea starting up, unwrap a piece and suck on it slowly until it is gone. Hopefully, the sensation will take your mind and body’s attention away from the nausea and occupy your focus until the nausea passes. Plus, you are sucking on hard candy. How is that every a bad thing?

Whenever dizziness starts to settle in, you should settle down yourself. If you are somewhere that you can lay down, do so. If not at home, at least grab a seat somewhere comfortable and relax as much as you are able to.

Does your job offer you sick days? Take them the mornings that you just do not feel like going in. Granted, this does not actually make you feel much better physically, but it keeps your day from getting a lot worse!3

Keep in mind that morning sickness is often triggered by unpleasant scents. Your excess levels of estrogen make your nose very powerful during pregnancy, so you are also ultra-sensitive. Get fresh air when you can, or just have fresh scents handy, like fresh lemon or rosemary.

As was stated earlier, there is no absolute cure that bats a thousand against morning sickness. Otherwise, it would be a fundamental cornerstone of all prenatal care. However, you are not the first woman to suffer morning sickness, so use the tips from those before you provided here to manage your own cases.

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