Getting Off The Pill To Get Pregnant

The birth control pill has been a boon for women all over the world. It has given them the power to decide when they want to have children. Of course to have a baby, the woman needs to get off the pill. The oral contraceptive pills have to be discontinued when a woman or a couple want to conceive.

Whichever contraception pill the woman is taking will have detailed instructions on how to start and stop the use of the pill. You should follow the instructions carefully to increase the chances of having a pregnancy. You can also go to your family physician or midwife who can help you understand when to stop taking the pill. Follow instructions to make sure that you can conceive without any problem.

It was earlier believed that if you get pregnant before the second cycle after stopping the pill, you may be at a risk. Doctors believed that if you conceived right after you stopped taking the pill, you may be at higher risk of miscarriage. This theory is no longer valid.

But this is not the case any more. You can even get pregnant even before the first cycle is due. In that case, it can sometimes get difficult to pinpoint the due date of the child. When you quit taking the pills, its usually 4-6 weeks before you ovulate. Its not necessary that the moment you quit taking the pill, you may conceive instantly. Sometimes it can take up to a year even for a normal healthy couple to conceive a child. Its all a matter of timing. Sometimes even Mother Nature needs some help. Sometimes your doctor may also prescribe some fertility drugs for the couple to increase the chances of conceiving.

There are no side effects of the pill on the baby to come. However if you are planning to have a baby, then there are few precautions that you must take. If you are too thin or too fat, you may not be able to conceive. Therefore its advisable to keep a healthy weight. You should also stop taking drugs, stop smoking and drinking. All these factors have adverse effect on the baby. Those who continue to take drugs or are smokers (even passive smokers) have irritable babies. The babies may have low birth weight and may be susceptible to diseases. Their immune system may also suffer easily.

Stress may be another factor that affects the pregnancy. Stress can lead to more irritable babies. Therefore its advisable for mothers to be and pregnant women to keep their stress levels at check. It can lead to an increase in their heartbeat and can continue even after your stress levels have come down. This doesn’t mean that every time you are in stress, your baby will be affected; its just that extreme stress levels should be kept in check.

When you are sure that you have conceived, take a home pregnancy to check the results. After the results are positive, visit the gynecologist who would tell you about what to expect for the coming nine months.

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