What To Eat During Pregnancy

The first trimester of the pregnancy can be quite queasy. Most pregnant women experience either morning or evening sickness. It’s not necessary that all women may experience nausea. Many women have been known to simply breeze through their pregnancy. It may also be difficult for women to get up in the morning. The best part to do is to keep some crackers by the bedside. Before getting up from the bed, simply nibble on the crackers and get up slowly. There are no dietary restrictions in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

You can eat whatever you have been accustomed to. Sometimes strong odours can turn off pregnant women. Some may actually eat less that their normal diet. Don’t worry, the baby wont be affected. But make sure that you eat nutritious diet. You should include green salads, yogurt, and nuts, chicken and fish as well as lots of fruit. Don’t go overboard and start eating too much. This will make you put on a lot of weight which can become difficult to shed.

You should refrain from all alcoholic drinks, drugs and smoking. All of this affect the baby directly and must be stopped instantly.

In the second trimester, its smooth sailing, since the feeling of nausea would have passed. This is the time to eat healthy and right. The baby is growing inside your tummy and is demanding more energy than ever. During this semester, you may also experience some back pain and sore swelling of the feet. It’s important to take breaks between your works. Prop up on a pillow, when you sit. Ensure that you add 300 calories more to your existing diet. Eat sensibly since you should gain some weight. But don’t eat for two as you may put on undesirable weight and your doctor may even be forced to put you on a diet. You should include plenty of milk and yogurt as well as green vegetables.

Have three meals a day and some short snacks in between. You should aim for a balanced diet that should include carbohydrates, proteins, lean protein and plenty of calcium that is found in milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese. Keep the intake of saturated fats to a minimum. You should also keep a check on the intake of coffee and aerated drinks.

The third trimester can make many a pregnant mother go crazy. With your movements becoming restricted, the bulging belly can also make you more stress prone. You actually want the baby to come out the next instant instead of waiting for the entire trimester o get over. At this point, you may feel full quickly. Since you are gaining weight fast, it can be quite a depressing thing. Moreover your frequent trips to the bathroom may leave you exhausted.

Don’t cut down on your fluid intake especially water. Control coffee as its diuretic. You will also feel the baby inside you kicking and sleeping can become problematic. Carry on the diet as you have been for the last trimester, just take it easy.

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