What You Can Expect During Your Pregnancy

Whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, you will likely experience things that you have never experienced before. Even women that have had a baby before experience something that they did not during a previous pregnancy. If you want to know about what you might experience before it occurs, or want to see if your experience is normal, you have found the article for you. Keep reading to learn more.

That dark line down your belly. It may look weird, but it is perfectly normal. Doctors are not positive about what causes it, but they do know that many women experience it while they are pregnant. It is believed to be caused by the increase of various hormones during pregnancy. This line can be very faint or very dark, but usually splits your baby belly in half vertically. If you see this line beginning to develop, do not fret. It is perfectly normal and will go away after your baby is born.

What is with all that hair? Have you begun to notice hair in places that it never was before? This is also very normal. Due to those menacing pregnancy hormones, your body reacts by growing hair in various places. Everyone experiences this in different places and to varying degrees, but almost everyone grows a little extra hair. Some common places include the face, belly and chest. Do not shave or wax this hair. As long as you leave it alone it will fall out on its own once your baby is born. Shaving or waxing it will only increase your risk of not losing it after you have the baby. Do not let a little hair bother you, as most people will not even notice it.

The curse of morning sickness. Not every woman has to deal with this either, but those that do can become very worried about it. It is very normal to experience this as long as it does not keep you from eating a balanced diet. If you find that you are sick throughout the day, you definitely want to share that information with your doctor, but otherwise you will be fine. For some women the hormones associated with pregnancy can cause nausea in the morning. Just keep saltine crackers by your bedside and nibble on them before you get out of bed in the morning to help to prevent you from vomiting. Remember that as long as it only bothers you for a couple of hours each day that it is perfectly normal. The only reason to become concerned is if you can not eat because of it.

The things that a pregnant woman experiences can be very unique. Just because it never happened before does not mean that it is something that you need to worry about though. If you are ever worried you should certainly ask your doctor, but thanks to this article you have a little insight about things that you do not need to worry yourself over.

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