What Can Cause A Miscarriage?

Wondering what can cause a miscarriage can keep a pregnant woman very nervous. Most women worry to some degree for a minimum of the first twelve weeks about the possibility of what can cause a miscarriage. Man couples choose to keep their pregnancy a secret until the first twelve weeks are over. The end of that first trimester can bring a sigh of relief to a couple, especially a couple that has suffered a previous miscarriage for the reduced risk as well as the reduced symptoms of morning sickness that often end at the twelfth week mark.

What Can Cause A Miscarriage?
Many things can trigger a miscarriage but most often what causes a miscarriage remains a mystery. Experts state that most often, a miscarriage is caused by genetic defects to the fertilized egg that make it unable to develop. There are times when a chemical pregnancy or a blighted ovum occurs and a woman isn’t actually truly pregnant although HCG levels do rise. This can be upsetting just as a loss of a true pregnancy can be tragic. Most women and their spouses bond with their pregnancies as soon as they discover they are pregnant and worrying about what can cause a miscarriage can make the first trimester even more difficult and trying than it needs to be.

Some things within your control that that can cause a pregnancy trauma or cause you to miscarry are the use of drugs and also alcohol use. Any amount, no matter how small is too much of a risk. Any woman who abuses her body when pregnant is also abusing her unborn baby and could risk causing a miscarriage. When someone who drinks excessively or uses recreational drugs becomes pregnant, lifestyle changes need to occur immediately. Some sexually transmitted diseases can also cause a miscarriage.

What can cause a miscarriage from a medical perspective encompasses a long list of possibilities. Everything from problems in the reproductive system to blood disorders or an incompetent cervix can all attribute to the chances of and the list of what can cause a miscarriage. While many factors are out of your control, sometimes working with your doctor prior to conception or in the early phase of the first trimester can make a difference in a woman’s ability to sustain a pregnancy full term.

Regardless of the outcome of your situation, a pregnancy should be enjoyed if possible. If you spend your pregnancy worrying endlessly about what can cause a miscarriage, you put yourself and your baby under undue stress. Try to work closely with your doctor, reduce potential risk factors that are within your control and look forward to the possibility and probability of a healthy pregnancy.

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