Dress With Fashion, Even While Pregnant

As a woman, you always love looking your best. Being pregnant does not change that. In fact, you likely want even more to keep looking great to keep your confidence up through a scary time of change in life. Fortunately for you, maternity clothing is far better looking than it was when you were growing up. Keep reading for some fashion tips you can use while with child.

Do not change your personal fashion style just due to that you are with child. You have developed a distinct look all your own over years of trial and error, finding what you like and what works for you. You might be carrying another person for most of a year, but you are still you. Stick with what has always worked for you so you can rediscover your individuality more easily after delivery when you are your own person again.

Unless you plan on having a ton of kids in the following years, do not go out and get an entire maternity wardrobe. Your maternity fashion period is only going to be a few months at most, so just focus on a few key pieces. Keep in mind when your due date is, because you can actually skip the winter maternity clothes if your due date is in August.

Three items are the most important in any maternity wardrobe. They are: pants, jeans and undergarments. Your undergarments in particular are going to shift in size a lot over the second and third trimesters. The reason there is so much emphasis on jeans and pants is because a good number of your existing shirts and blouses might actually be big and loose enough to accommodate your baby bump.

Think cheap when shopping for maternity clothes. Since no one usually goes through their maternity wardrobe phase for more than a few months, there is a huge secondary market for gently used maternity clothing. Check thrift stores around your community, as well as online auctions, yard sales, classified ads, swap meets and consignment stores.

Check your immediate social circle for possibilities. Maternity garments that have not made it back to market might be sitting in the drawers or closets of friends, family and coworkers. If they learn you are with child and offer you maternity clothes, take them!

Any maternity clothes you get might not fit your personal style and even feel out of date. Jazz them up with accessories and anything from your normal wardrobe that still fits to keep a fresh and familiar look. A known purse and scarf can make for a comfortable and familiar look, even when wearing something different.

Add more and more pieces as you get closer to your delivery date. You are going to be bigger than you are used to, and dressing in layers to accommodate for feeling unusually warmer or cooler than usual. Use this as a chance to build a complex and flexible look.

Pregnancy does not mean you have to wear a mu-mu for four months. The fashion possibilities you want do exist for looking your best while dressing for two.

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