What You Must Know About Being Pregnant

Even though women have had babies for centuries, many people do not know very much about the things that happen when they are pregnant. If you are having your first baby you likely have countless questions, and if so, you are not the only one. If you are looking for as much information about being pregnant as you can this is a great place to start. Keep reading to learn a little something about what you should expect to meet while you are expecting.

Your first trimester will likely be the hardest one. Do not worry if you feel awful during the first few months of your pregnancy. It is very normal. After the third month most women report feeling just as good as they felt before they were pregnant.

Men will find you to be very attractive. If you thought you got hit on a lot before you were pregnant, you have not seen anything. Men are naturally attracted to a pregnant woman. Scientists believe that this is based in innate senses that have a purpose. There is just about nothing that you can do to prevent this from happening. No man is going to notice your wedding ring when they are drawn to you by your natural glow.

Chances are that you will feel more tired than you ever have before in your life. Your body has to do a lot of work to create that little miracle in your belly. Because of all this work, you will likely need a couple extra hours of sleep each day. Do not fight it. Get the rest that you need so that you can feel your best when you are awake. Your body will thank you for it.

Gaining weight is part of the deal. Even though your baby will probably only weigh six to eight pounds you will gain at least double that if you were a healthy weight before you got pregnant. Gaining twenty pounds is average for women that were an average weight pre-pregnancy. If you were above the ideal weight for your height when you got pregnant it is certainly healthy to lose weight. If you were underweight then you will need to gain even more weight than average. Remember than being healthy yourself will lead to you increasing your chances of having a healthy baby.

Your shoe size will likely increase during and after your pregnancy. Your body will release a chemical when you are pregnant to help your hip joints to relax so that giving birth is easier. This chemical will do this to the rest of your joints as well, causing your feet to spread out somewhat. Some women do not even notice the change, but the increase can be up to a whole shoe size for others.

You can never know too much about pregnancy. Do a lot of research. The more you know the better prepared you are to deal with it properly. Keep reading as much as you can so that you can be confident that you are doing what you can to have a great pregnancy experience.

You should never stop trying to learn about being pregnant, as there is a ton to know. Now that you have read this article you know a little more than you had before, keep it up!

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