Being Pregnant After A Miscarriage

When you have had a miscarriage, it can be tough to deal with a new pregnancy. You worry as soon as you become pregnant. It can be even more difficult to deal with than the first pregnancy was, because you are worrying all the time. Here are some tips that will help you cope in a better way with your new pregnancy after you had a miscarriage.

First, make sure that you have grieved for the baby you have lost. This can be a difficult thing to do if you have not already done it, but you need to do that so that you can start with a new pregnancy. Only you know whether you have grieved fully, but ask yourself that question before a new pregnancy. You may even want to see a grief counselor.

Next, you might want to give yourself a mantra to say when you start to worry. Perhaps it is something religious, perhaps it is something secular. Tell yourself that you are going to be fine and that the baby is going to be fine. Thinking positively from the start is going to help you cope.

See a good doctor regularly. This can help you when you have any medical questions, and when you start to worry, for example, that you are not feeling the baby move or that the baby is not moving as much as you’d expect. A good doctor will be able to allay your fears with his or her knowledge and will do everything he or she can to help you to a great delivery.

Feel close to the baby if you get scared by playing music for the baby or talking to the baby. Remember that the baby gets all its cues from you, so it is important to relax and to take things easily so that you can provide a calm, soothing environment for your baby’s uterine period.

Talk to friends and family about how you feel. This can often be the best way for you to deal with everything going on. Find a few people who you know the best and can give you support and just listen when you need an ear. You can also join online support groups for women who understand exactly what you are going through and can give you ideas about what you must do to stay calm.

Talk to your partner. Your partner is probably as scared as you are. If you can both be on the same page and express your feelings, you will feel stronger together, and you will feel better able to handle your pregnancy as time goes on and the delivery draws closer.

Pregnancy is a trying time for all pregnant women, but it is especially difficult if you have had a miscarriage in the past. However, know that there is hope and that you have a lot to look forward to. Just follow the tips laid out here, and you will find that you are able to do what you need to do to have a good pregnancy this time.

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