Why Didn’t I Lose Weight After Childbirth?

Childbirth results in changes in a woman’s body. Many women gain a significant amount of weight. While a doctor recommends a weight gain of about 25-35lbs throughout your pregnancy, you may gain a whole lot more than that. Many women are distressed and wonder, “why didn’t I lose weight after childbirth?” We hear stories of women fitting into their jeans two weeks after a baby’s born and can feel distressed if that’s not happening to us.

If you’re wondering, why didn’t I lose weight after childbirth? You’re not alone. Many women have trouble shedding their pregnancy weight. While it would be nice if the weight just melted off after our babies are born, it usually requires a few little things to happen. Those things are related to time, effort and diet.

Why Didn’t I Lose Weight After Childbirth? Time…
It took nine months to gain that weight, it would take at least a little bit of time to come off. Many women don’t start to see results until at least the six-month mark when your body starts to lose its reserves. If you are breastfeeding your system will reserve a certain amount of weight to ensure that you are able to make the milk your baby needs. Many women see a change in their body after their baby reaches six months old. While not everyone will see that change, the vast majority finds that a lot of excess weight just starts to disappear.

Why Didn’t I Lose Weight After Childbirth? Effort…
It’s going to take a bit of effort to lose the weight. A healthy weight loss is between one and two pounds of weight per week. If you are busy at work and with your child, you may lose this on your own after childbirth. If not, you can take up a mild to moderate exercise routine and expect to see results. Walking, swimming bicycling, yoga, aerobics or visiting a gym can all helps you meet your weight loss goals.

Why Didn’t I Lose Weight After Childbirth? Diet…
When we’re pregnant we’re often under the impression that it’s a free for all with food. Women can eat excessively when they’re pregnant. After the baby arrives, if you’re breastfeeding your body will still require extra calories in order for you to make milk so by the time you’re ready to shed your pregnancy weight, it may be just a matter of retraining yourself on how to eat. You may want to look at counting calories or reducing fat in your diet. It may just take a few changes to reduce your caloric intake enough to result in reaching your pre-pregnant weight.
If you’re a busy Mom on the go, it can be hard to eat right but eating healthy, sensible meals will result in your coming closer to your weight loss goals.

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