Traveling While Pregnant

Nine months is too long to expect women not to travel. Doctors may limit travel in the last trimester of the pregnancy. The way to travel is to travel smart. Your body is undergoing change and the baby will get more demanding. Its important to take some precautions, when you are traveling while been pregnant.

Whether you are traveling by plane, boat or bus, these precautions will be applicable for you. You should always ask your gynecologist before you travel in pregnancy. They may also prescribe some anti nausea and constipation medication while you travel. You should wear well fitted shoes and clothes which arent too tight to restrict you.

Always take along small bites and snacks with you while you are traveling. Ensure that you also carry water to help you stay hydrated. This will also keep the levels of your blood sugar levels maintained. You may get stuck at the airport or in a traffic jam. These snacks will keep away hunger and prevent your nausea too. Its important that you your carry vitamins and prescribed medication while on a vacation.

Move around while you are traveling. Stretch out you limbs while traveling in a car. You should also walk inside the plane. This will relieve you of a sore back and swelling feet. Don’t keep your feet dangling for too long. This may lead to swelling in your feet. Let the airline know that you are pregnant while traveling. Pregnant mothers and mothers of new born babies are usually allocated seats next to the toilets in the airline. They are also given the front seats to enable them to stretch out.

Carry a copy of your pregnancy reports as well as your prenatal reports with you. Many countries are apprehensive if you’re traveling to foreign countries. They need to be convinced that you plan to only take a vacation and arent thinking of delivering a baby in that country. Remember you can be offloaded for this reason.

You should also carry your medical insurance records and the numbers of local doctors as well as your own doctor while traveling. This ensures that you can reach them in case there are any emergencies. Keep your doctor informed about where you are traveling and the number of days you plan to be out of town. Keep your travel to a minimum in the third trimester. With a bulging belly, it can take quite an effort to just move around.

In fact sometime the baby may even decide to come before the due date. For this reason, its advisable that you keep the baby bag packed to meet any eventualities of rushing to the hospital. When pregnant, ensure that you keep the neighbors informed. Since in case of an emergency, they may be the first ones to rush you to the hospital.

Traveling can make people dehydrated. Its important to be hydrated at all items for pregnant women. Drink plenty of fluids, but avoid all aerated drinks and alcohol. Also limit your daily intake of coffee.

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