What Should Dads Do During Pregnancy?

Many times, people focus on what the mothers need to do during pregnancy. The dads seem to get left out of the conversation. There are things that they can do to make this a better time for the mother and that can make them feel included during this wonderful time. Here are some great ways to include the dad in the nine months before the baby comes.

Mothers will have to go to several doctors appointments and tests during the duration of the pregnancy. Dads are welcome to go to those appointments as well. They will get to stay involved in decision making, hear their baby’s heartbeat and stay in the loop of what is going on.

There is going to be plenty of planning that needs to be done over the next several months. Including dads in the planning process will make it less of a shock when the due date comes and the baby comes home. There will be work to do around the house, as well as finding a pediatrician.

The support that an expecting mother needs is important. Dads play a big role in the health and happiness of the mother. Dads can help make sure that there is nutritional food around and even help prepare meals through the week. They can also get involved with the exercise routines of the mother. Going for walks together can be great for the mom, as well as for the relationship.

Dropping the habits that are not good for mother and baby is a great way to show support. Smoking around a pregnant woman not only effects her health, but it can effect how well the baby does in the womb. Smoke can lead to an underweight baby, preterm labor and even loss of the baby. If dads cannot quit smoking, they can at least smoke somewhere that will not expose the mother to second hand smoke.

The mother’s energy levels are going to be reduced tremendously. Dads can help around the house doing some of the cleaning and chores that mom does not have the energy to do or cannot do because of heavy lifting or working above their heads. This will be especially important in the third trimester when the mother begins to go through the nesting phase.

Birthing classes are quite helpful for both parents. Dads will learn what their role will be in the delivery room, as well as ways to help keep mom comfortable during the hours that she will be working to give birth. These classes are a great way to become educated about what will happen and to learn about all the options that mothers have regarding the choice of natural birth and one that is assisted with the use of drugs.

Everyone in the family can become involved with pregnancy. This is not something that any mother should go through alone. Use these ideas and get dad involved during the nine months before you bring your new baby home from the hospital.

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