What Expectant Dads Need To Know During Pregnancy

A common problem for expectant dads is a feeling of uselessness. You may think your wife is handling the experience alone and there’s nothing you can do, however, nothing could be further from the truth. As an expectant dad, there’s a lot you can do to help with and ease the process. Read on for some excellent tips for expectant dads.

Count on the bond and relationship you have developed with your wife and pay close attention to her needs during pregnancy. Watch for cues and clues about what she may want or need, but also let her know that you are not a mind reader and that you welcome her questions, suggestions and requests. Always be open to good communication, and be patient with sarcasm and less than enthusiastic responses to your help. You are very needed, but your wife may not be able to respond with her usual joie de vivre!

Pay close attention to your wife’s routines to be able to expect her needs and ways in which you can help . Be present but not overbearing, and don’t take it too personally if she gives you dirty looks and seems inconsistent. She’s going through a lot. Just try to be understanding and supportive.

Be patient! This may be very hard sometimes as pregnancy involves a lot of hormonal ups and downs and a bit of physical discomfort. Your wife may want one thing one moment and something completely different the next. The treat that delighted her yesterday may repulse her today. Just remember that you have a choice about how much you will be involved in the growth and birth of your baby. Your wife does not, so take the high road and exercise a heroic amount of patience and understanding.

Keep a pregnancy journal that takes account of moods, cravings, changes in routine and so on. Writing will help you work through your own emotions. Additionally, your notes may be helpful to your wife’s doctor or obstetrician. Always go with your wife for her visits, and be sure to ask questions of the doctor if you are puzzled or simply want to know something. Be involved and informed about the pregnancy.

Understand that many things may need to be put on the back burner until your bundle of joy arrives. You may not be able to be the sharp-dressed man you are used to being, and you may need to take a little time off from work to be sure that things are taken care of at home. Remember that your new baby will need a nursery setup, and there are items that need to be bought and assembled in advance. You should be cheerfully available for those duties.

Add extra touches such as massage for leg cramps and back pain associated with pregnancy, a cup of hot tea at the end of the day, a flower bought or plucked while out running errands. Your wife will appreciate your tenderness and concern, although, she may not fully thank you until months down the road!

Invite and include family members and friends to help out. Be welcoming and friendly and facilitate the support of those around you. This will help protect you from burn-out now and set up a solid network of people you can call on as you and your wife embark on the exciting and challenging voyage of parenthood.

Remember to tell your wife that you love her and keep in mind the reasons why. She may feel her personality and positive qualities are being usurped by the experience of pregnancy. Remind her of what a wonderful person she is, and let her know that you still see and cherish the beautiful woman you married.

By being actively involved, readily available, attentive, steadfast, patient and loving, you can contribute tremendously to your wife’s positive experience of the development and birth of your baby. When you make positive contributions all along the way, you are building lifelong memories to share with your offspring. Follow the tips presented here, to share a happy pregnancy experience with the woman you love.

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