Pregnancy Massage-How It Can Help to Boost Baby’s Health

Almost all women feel stressed out during pregnancy period. One of the techniques to relieve the nerves and get over the stress during pregnancy is to get a prenatal massage. This is an expert field for doctors, nurses, labor nurses and educators in the child birth domains.

A massage during pregnancy helps to relieve nerves and provides a relaxing feeling. In addition, it increases blood circulation and results in to calmness and relief from stress. It helps to reduce labor pain and enhances tissue and skin pliability. Hence, the pregnancy massage provides mental and physical support to mothers while ensuring their medical systems continue operation effectively.

It is critical to get the pregnancy massage from a professional with expertise in this area. You do not want to put undue pressure on various parts of your body during pregnancy. Hence, only experts should be contacted to get a smooth experience and to minimize the stress that many women feel during pregnancy.

How should a Pregnancy Massage be done ?

While providing pregnancy massage, it is important to have some knowledge about the anatomy of the pregnant women and act accordingly. Though there are no great variations, yet care should be taken to provide a relaxing feeling to the pregnant mothers. The massage should be provided on a proper massage table which should be set up in a somewhat reclining position. This does not only provide added comfort to the mother but is also safe for the baby. Some people prefer to use tables with whole belly cuts, but experience has shown that this causes stress to lower back and hence should be avoided in most cases.

In addition it is recommended to keep dim lights in the massage room. This will result in a relaxing atmosphere which could be exploited using soft music in the room. It is important to change the music if it does not feel right to the mothers ears. Some light perfumes might add to the tranquility of the scene. The purpose is to provide as much relaxation as possible. In ideal situations, your partner should do the massage.

Their main objective is to relieve the stress from carrying the baby and to relax you from the not-so-easy job of caring your child.

The room should have ventilation points but you do not want the room to be overly cooled since it might result into stretching the nerves in some women. A warm and cozy environment is preferred in most circumstances.

The ideal duration for the pregnancy massage is from 25 minutes to 40 minutes depending upon its effectiveness, and can be repeated once every two days for maximum results.

Why Should You Have a Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy Massage

1. Pre-natal massage can help improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, which helps to prevent complications during labor and delivery such as preeclampsia or cesarean section.

2. It also helps improve sleep quality, especially during the last few weeks before birth when mothers are often more anxious and distracted.

3. It has been shown to be helpful in relieving anxiety, tension headaches, insomnia , and other stress-related issues.

4. It has also been found to be helpful in relieving pain during labor, by helping to relax the muscles around the woman’s spine and pelvis.

5. Pre-natal massage is effective in reducing muscle tension or spasms that may cause discomfort during labor and delivery, such as Braxton Hicks contractions or water breaks (evacuation).

6. In addition to reducing labor pain and anxiety, pre-natal massage has been shown to help reduce the number of cesarean sections performed.

7. It can also promote a healthy fetal environment by helping improve circulation, tone muscles and ligaments, relieve tension headaches and decrease stress levels in pregnant women.

8. Pre-natal massage is especially beneficial for those who are scheduled to have a vaginal birth as it strengthens pelvic floor muscles which can help with the birthing process.

9. Many women also report a sense of relaxation and peace after a pre-natal massage, which can be helpful in combating post-birth blues or anxiety.

10. In addition to being good for the pregnant woman, pre-natal massages are also beneficial for the baby—in particular, they have been shown to improve colic and reduce stress levels in newborns .

We are thrilled to share this blog post on Pregnancy Massage. After reading this article, you should be able to understand why it is beneficial for pregnant women to have a prenatal massage. Also, you will know how much benefits of having a prenatal massage and what kind of massage you can get from us! Which one do you think is the best reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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