Modern Maternity Underwear Styles

A good pair of maternity underwear can make your pregnancy much more comfortable. Sure, you can go ahead and buy larger sizes of the types of underwear you currently wear. But these types of underwear, unlike maternity underwear, aren’t designed for your expanding belly and hips or to give you belly support in late pregnancy.

Many maternity underwear styles can be worn either mid-belly or folded down. If the underwear can be folded down, it will often create a soft support band that can help hold up your pregnant belly.

Full maternity underwear briefs come with full seats that stays put. They’re also usually designed with generous leg openings that don’t creep up. Most have no seams or elastic in the front, which can press uncomfortably on your belly.

The majority of maternity underwear has a higher spandex percentage than regular underwear to help the underwear to stretch comfortably over your growing belly. Most maternity underwear styles are 10 percent spandex and 90 percent cotton.

These are just a few reasons to make maternity underwear something worth looking at, and not to point at, make fun of, and laugh.

If you’ve worn nice feminine underwear before your pregnancy, you can still go on wearing delicate, feminine underwear thanks to the new maternity underwear styles available.

Most maternity clothing manufactures now carry a complete line of sexy, feminine lingerie designed specifically for a woman’s body. This means that maternity underwear comes in beautiful stretch lace bras with matching thongs, sexy little microfiber camisoles perfect for layering under curve hugging shirts and V-neck sweaters, and bikini panties that compliment popular underbelly style maternity jeans.

To determine your maternity underwear size all you have to do is buy the same size that you wore before your pregnancy.

To make sure your maternity underwear fits you the best way possible, keep the following in mind.

The crotch should fit naturally against your body. This means no bunching of fabric in the front or in the back.
Like your pre-pregnancy underwear, you’ll want the waist of your maternity underwear to be snug and non-binding. Remember maternity underwear has a larger percentage of spandex so it’s meant to expand with you while still fitting closely around your waist.
Legs need to be snug and non-binding. (This of course refers only to full or high-cut briefs.) If there are grooves along your thighs then your maternity underwear is too tight. The fabric should not be bunched or twisted.
Assuming you’re not wearing a maternity thong, you’ll want your maternity underwear to fit you properly around your buttocks. This means coverage should be symmetrical with both cheeks properly covered and cupped.

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