Healthy Pregnancy Diet: Insurance Provisions

If you were insuring a car, you would insist your agent include all the provisions to cover any possible problem that might occur. Your healthy pregnancy diet is no different. It needs to include all the elements that address proper fetal growth and development. This means nutrients for normal brain and spine development. It should include vitamins that encourage strong bone growth. Minerals will be a provision for development of a healthy nervous system. Just like insurance, there are a lot of things to consider for baby and mother’s health. A healthy pregnancy diet is insurance for good health.


Paying for insurance means paying premiums. It’s worth the money for peace of mind. A healthy pregnancy diet includes premiums that give you the peace of mind that your baby is growing normally. Even if a baby is born with health issues, it is much easier to deal with the problems if the baby has had proper prenatal nutrition. The premiums for your healthy pregnancy diet are not expensive, but they are essential for keeping the health coverage active.

  • The food pyramid is as valid today as it was thirty years ago. Eat healthy whole grains and vegetables and limit fat intake through meats
  • Vary your diet including the colorful vegetables
  • Eat plenty of the dark green vegetables for an iron source
  • Eat smaller meals and eat throughout the day. Never overeat at any meal
  • Don’t diet to lose weight while pregnant
  • Use vitamins as supplements, not as a primary food source. The body breaks food down into its nutrients and processes the food for maximum health benefit. There are nutrient ional processes in food that cannot be added to a vitamin.
  • Avoid desserts
  • Drink lots of water because it helps prevent early labor

There is a cost to good health while pregnant. It costs you attention to your diet. A healthy pregnancy diet needs effort. Your insurance agent is your doctor. He or she will help you develop a healthy pregnancy diet that addresses needed dietary changes as your baby develops.
The Fine Print

When you read your insurance policy, it might need a magnifying glass to read the fine print. In the fine print are the nitty-gritty details about your coverage. The fine print in your healthy pregnancy diet will be details about minimum daily needs for your diet. You should eat at least:

  • 2 servings of fruit
  • 6 servings of water, juice or milk
  • Minimum servings of foods with fat
  • 3 servings of vegetables
  • 6 servings of whole grain foods
  • No sweets except as a rare treat
  • 3 servings of protein foods

Keep in mind these are minimum needs to meet a healthy pregnancy diet. Additional servings can be added to each category as needed for proper nutrition. Your diet is your insurance you are covering your baby’s health with full coverage.

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