What are the Best Getting Pregnant Positions

Did you know that even when you try to conceive on the right day, there is only a 20% chance of success? It’s no wonder some couples can take months if not years trying to have a baby. There are all kinds of advice out for couples trying to get pregnant. Some of it is based on solid medical research and other tips are just old wives’ tales. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, and having a pre pregnancy physical exam are all useful in the journey to parenthood, but on the fun side of life determining the best getting pregnant positions can add a little spice to the process.

While it may be entertaining for the couple trying to conceive the theory of having sex all the time it may not be the best one for getting pregnant. The problem with this school of thought is that the man needs time to replenish his sperm count. The best way to go is to have sex every other day. This helps ensure an adequate supply and that is essential regardless of which getting pregnant positions the couple decides to try.

Now that is has been established that every other day during ovulation is better, we can take a look at some popular getting pregnant positions. It is important to remember that there is no scientific evidence suggesting which is the best position. However common sense dictates that the most pregnancy inducing positions would be those that help gravity along. For that reason many experts recommend missionary position with the man on top. While not necessarily the most creative sexual position, this one is the most likely to aid gravity in helping the sperm reach the egg. There are some people who claim that a sexual position of the man behind the woman while she is on hands and knees is beneficial as well.

It is possible for any getting pregnant positions to work in the conception of a child. There are a few things that should be avoided though. There is a myth that dousing after sex will assist the sperm in reaching its destination. This is not true. If anything, douse imbalances the pH levels of both the sperm and vagina making it more difficult for the sperm to cross the finish line so to speak. It also dilutes the natural vaginal secretions that help achieve the goal.

While there are no perfect getting pregnant positions, using common sense and exercising a great deal of patience will help ensure the success of the endeavor.

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