Ways To Start Labor Naturally

Why has my baby still not come? The due date has come and gone but still no baby! You are wondering are there any natural ways to start your labour.

In the last few weeks of pregnancy it is so difficult to feel comfortable. You have tried every possible position and all of them are equally uncomfortable! You are probably feeling tired and irritable, maybe even depressed because you have waited for so long and still your labour has not started.

These next few paragraphs could possibly be the most critical information you need to read because there is a way to safely start labour, simply by pressing specific spots on your skin! Your labour could then start within 48 hours.

Maternity Accupressure, to use its official title, is a simple technique you can teach yourself and you don’t need to have any previous medical experience. Just learn where the key pressure points are and, without any side effects or medical intervention, you will discover how to start your labour naturally.

Acupressure has been actively used by millions of people for almost four thousand years. This ancient technique has also been studied in depth by Western institutions for several decades.

It has been proven to be safe by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), among other reputed research institutions.

It is not surprising therefore that the incidence of using accupressure with pregnant woman is on the rise, as its intrinsic safety is beyond question. Indeed studies have demonstrated that use of accupressure often reduces time spent in labour and has a calming effect on baby.

So not only can acupressure help you to start labor, but it can also dramatically improve your birthing experience – simply and naturally. By knowing which specific points on your body to press, you can quickly go into labor naturally.

So why not use accupressure now to naturally start your labour and who knows but you could be meeting your baby within the next 48 hours!

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