Tips for Filming Your Childbirth Video

A childbirth video is something that is a personal memento of an important event in your life. When deciding to do this, it’s important to talk about it before hand so that everyone involved gets the result they are looking for. It may be important to you and your spouse that you have your childbirth video for you to look back on. The birth of your child is a big thing, regardless of how many children you have and having a childbirth video can be something that you share with your children when they grow up.

When deciding to film a video, it’s important that you talk to your spouse or childbirth coach about exactly what you want in the childbirth video. You may want all the graphic details or you may only want footage that does not include the actual crowning of the baby’s head. It’s important that your wishes are known so that the moments you want captured will be there on tape for you. It’s a good idea to discuss in detail what you want filmed.

Some people decide to shoot a graphic video of everything but then also create an edited version that they are going to share with other people. This is a good choice for many people who want to share some of their childbirth video details but who don’t want to show people some of the more explicit details of the labor and delivery process. Some people get very creative with the editing of their video and add special effects or interviews of family members. There are many creative and sentimental things you can do to achieve a great video your family will cherish.

Ensure that your camera is in good working order prior to the birth. Get your video camera charged with new tape and ready to go well in advance since the timing of the birth can be unpredictable. Do a physical check of it when packing your hospital bag. You might also want to bring a regular camera or digital camera to take still photos as well.

Another consideration is whether or not your spouse will be able to shoot the childbirth video and also be there for you. The laboring mother will need comfort and hand holding and some fathers are very involved in the labor process so it’s not always possible for a detailed childbirth video to be filmed as well as the mom get all the attention and support she needs. Some hospitals will allow other people in the room during labor so a very close family friend or relative may be a good choice for the childbirth video filming.

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