Smart Maternity Clothes Shopping For Your Pregnancy

There will be many times during your pregnancy when a bathrobe and slippers will suit you just fine, however; maternity clothes are a must-have for some occasions. Buying them can really be challenging, as well as expensive so learn from women who have been there and done that, with the following helpful tips on buying maternity clothes.

1. Start small. In the first few months you probably won’t be getting that big, but you still need to be comfortable, so buy pants and skirts with elastic waistbands. These items will give you the longest wearing time, and you might even be able to wear them after the delivery; even though you won’t have a big belly anymore, larger clothes with stretch will feel better. Also, it might take a few months to lose your “baby fat” and until then, you can wear these clothes.

2. Stick to staple items. It might be tempting to spend a lot of money on designer maternity clothes, but since you will be outgrowing them quickly, it’s not very practical. Buy basic items such as black pants, a blazer or two with a little room for growth and simple dresses that double for work or dinner out. You can easily accessorize with jewelry and other nice things you already own for any occasion.

3. Don’t buy in advance. Since you can’t really predict how big you will be down the road, buying as you go will prevent wasteful buys. Wait until you have outgrown your last size and know exactly what you will be needing in the here and now; many women jump up by more than one size and never get to wear things they buy too early on.

4. Shop around for the best prices. Maternity clothes can be very expensive, especially designer outfits and specialty items. Consider looking at the line in a department or discount store before spending the college fund on clothing. Many of the major retail stores offer maternity clothes, albeit with limited selections, at very reasonable prices.

5. Exchange maternity clothes with others. Chances are good you know somebody who was pregnant within the past few years, and they probably have half a closet full of unused maternity clothes. Ask your friends for their old outfits or scour online classifieds; the money you save will be well worth it. Additionally, lots of gently-used apparel stores will have some maternity clothes at deeply discounted prices and often one-of-a-kind styles.

6. Be realistic. No matter what your non-pregnant style may be, chances are good you will need to modify it for now. Don’t go buying cute skirts and hot heels and expect to be able to function in them! As with many things during pregnancy, this time is about the baby, the changes your body is going through and a bit of sacrifice. Put comfort above all else and if you find it impossible to give up your diva-dressing habits, make sure it’s safely done for both of you.

The joys of pregnancy don’t need to limit your fashion sense or keep you in sweats, but knowing when and how to buy maternity clothes can be a big help. Hopefully, this article will see you well dressed for the next nine or so months, without spending a small fortune!

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