Pregnancy Fitness Safety Tips To Remember

Pregnancy is very delicate period that requires expectant mothers to be fit and healthy. It is ideal that exercise is already a part of your daily routine even before getting pregnant but whether you are a beginner or you would like to continue exercising during pregnancy, you can do so with many exercises designed for pregnant women. However, one of the most important pregnancy fitness safety tips to remember is to get the approval of your doctor prior to starting any fitness program. Below are more pregnancy fitness safety tips recommended by doctors:

First, make exercise a habit. Milt to moderate exercising at least thrice a week or every other day is ideal. Being consistent with your efforts is the key to achieving your fitness goals. It is good that you are eager to stay fit during pregnancy but do not go over the top with your workout. You are sharing oxygen with your baby so do not exercise to the point where you are running out of breath. When you start feeling tired, stop.

One of the most common pregnancy fitness safety tips is to choose the exercises that you will do carefully. For example, exercises that involve jumping or sudden motions should be avoided. After the first three months of your pregnancy, avoid exercising on your back because it can restrict the flow of blood to the uterus. Additionally, choose exercises that do not involve balancing to avoid the risk of losing balance and causing trauma to your abdomen.

Pregnancy fitness safety tips are useless if you do not watch what you eat. Any exercise program should go hand in hand with a good diet so make sure you are eating adequately and eating the right foods. Your diet should include more carbohydrates as your body uses up energy very quickly when you exercise.

Pregnancy fitness safety tips would always warn you about dehydration. It is important for you to drink lots and lots of water prior to and during exercise to stay hydrated and avoid overheating. Wear cool and comfortable clothing that you can easily remove and that allows your skin to breathe. Make sure your clothes including your bra fit you properly and offer support. If the day is hot or humid, skip exercise. Avoid going to saunas.

Lastly, if you are athletic or an outdoors person there are particular sports that you should avoid during pregnancy including contact sports and sports where there is a risk of losing balance such as skiing (all forms) and horseback riding. Scuba diving is also not safe because your organs and your baby will be subjected to pressure.

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