Pregnancy Due Date Calendar

It seems as if the element of surprise is almost lost when it comes to having a baby. While some may think that this is a shame there are those of us who are thankful for the new technologies that give us information. This is especially true for me when it comes to the pregnancy due date calculator.

If you are planning to have a baby you might want to consider when your child’s birthday will be. A pregnancy due date calculator can help you choose a good time to conceive in order to have a birthday fall in a specific month or even week. While this may seem odd, there are those of us who have good reason to avoid certain times of the year.

December is a generally stressful and busy month for just about every family. My family is really overwhelmed during this festive time of the year. We have eight birthdays that fall within this month. While this is wonderful in some regards, it is hectic and overwhelming in other regards.

When I called my mother to tell her my exciting news she was thrilled. Then she added that it was April. I didn’t think much about it. She suggested that I use a pregnancy due date calculator to see when I would be expecting. Oddly enough, my daughter was due on my birthday.

Since my birthday falls on Christmas day, this was a strange delight. In one way I was very happy to discover that the pregnancy due date calculator determined that I might be sharing a birthday with my child. This joy was overshadowed with memories of having a Christmas birthday in my family.

The only problem with the date is the time of year. I guess that this make everything wrong about it. I hated to think that we would have another birthday that receives recognition but during such a hectic time in the year. The pregnancy due date calculator wasn’t my friend.

I spoke to my husband about the dilemma and he thought that I was silly. My doctor also told me that I was silly especially when he reminded me that the pregnancy due date calculator required accurate information. I entered the wrong date for the first day of my last period.

After I entered the right information in the pregnancy due date calculator, I got a very different answer. It turns out that we are having a Thanksgiving baby.

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