Pop, Pregnancy, Diet Patch, Nutrition and The Truth

When you are pregnant, suddenly there is advice to be found everywhere. There are also many products, promises and outright lies. When you talk about soda pop, pregnancy, diet patch, nutrition and the truth all in the same breath, the information available can be misleading. It is critical that an expectant mother understand the truth about products and diets on the market. Everything you put into your mouth can potentially affect the health of you and your baby.


Pregnant women can feel somewhat vulnerable as the weight begins to accumulate. It is not a matter of whether they love their baby. It is a matter of societal influences and images that say thin is always best. Some women put on significant weight while pregnant and are worried about how on earth they will lose it after the baby is born. So they start using a diet soda pop, pregnancy diet, patch, nutrition menus prepared by consultants or elimination of essential dietary nutrients. The results can be devastating.

  • Aspartame is used in soda pop and health experts have expressed concern about its effect on a growing fetus
  • The artificial sweetener saccharin used in some diet drinks should not be used during the pregnancy because of a risk of physical damage, especially on a growing baby
  • Pregnancy diets abound, but only one that offers a balanced diet should be used. A balance diet includes food items from the major dietary food groups. An unbalanced diet can cause birth defects.
  • Supplements are usually necessary during pregnancy, but they must be used with caution. They should never be used as a replacement for food.
  • In some cases, women use diet patches to lose weight. There is conflicting information concerning their usefulness. But they should never be used to lose weight during a pregnancy.
  • The birth control patch is effective if used properly. It uses hormones to prevent pregnancy. If you become pregnant while on a patch (because no birth control method is foolproof), immediately stop using the patch.

Turning to diet soda pop, pregnancy diet, patch, nutrition menus and any other form of weight control should be done cautiously. There is never a reason for a woman to try and lose weight while pregnant. She is supposed to be gaining weight. Issues with self-esteem or appearance should be dealt with in another manner.


A pregnant woman is a beautiful woman in every way. Issues with weight should center on proper weight gain related to the stage of pregnancy. If weight gain needs to be slowed down, it should not rely on diet soda pop, pregnancy diet, patch or nutritional assessments alone. During pregnancy it is important to also exercise regularly. Pop, pregnancy diet, patch, guesswork, nutritional supplements, diet pills and water pills should either never be used or be used under a doctors care in the case of a legitimate pregnancy diet. Turn sideways in the mirror, appreciate that stomach holding your baby and see what everyone else sees – a beautiful woman.

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