Mothers Exercising after Pregnancy

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Having a new baby is a happy and turbulent time full of sleepless nights and diaper changes and the excitement over seeing your baby reach a new milestone. Once the dust settles down, you are likely thinking about doing what you can to lose the baby weight. What are some options for new mothers who want to exercise yet don’t want to spend time away from their baby?

Chances are very good that you already have a stroller that you use when you take your baby on walks. If you want to go jogging with your baby, however, this stroller won’t be safe to use. You will need to buy a stroller designed specifically for jogging. Look at your local second hand children’s clothing and toy store to see if you might be able to get one used, or consider borrowing one from a friend to see if this is a type of exercise that you would enjoy engaging in.

Riding your bike can be an excellent way to get into shape; whether you ride up and down hills or on a level surface, you will exercise various muscles in your legs and arms while taking in some nice fresh air. If you enjoy bike rides, you can enjoy them with your baby as well. You will need to buy a special bike trailer, a large device that securely hooks on to the back of your bike. Your child goes in the device; he or she will be able to see you at all times, because of the screen, and will be protected from the wind and elements.

If you enjoy engaging in aerobic activity, you can work out in the privacy and comfort of your own home. If your child has a fairly predicable routine in terms of their waking and naping schedule, you can structure your work outs so they occur while your baby is sleeping. You can set up a makeshift bed for your child in the corner of the room where you work out, or put the baby monitor in a place where you will be able to hear it, in case they wake up and need you.

Does your gym offer childcare service? Many gyms these days offer childcare services for members who bring their children. If you belong to a gym, or if there are any gyms close to where you live, see if this might be an option! If they do offer childcare services, find out if there are any restrictions, such as the age of the child.

Once you have found safe ways to exercise with your child, relax and try to enjoy yourself! Exercising can be an excellent way to relieve stress and tension, and chances are pretty good that as a new mother, you could stand to relieve some stress and tension! This is your time, so enjoy it.

Getting back in shape after pregnancy is indeed possible. We wish you success on your journey!

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