Looking Into Underwater Childbirth?

Many options are available for people to have a baby. Beyond a traditional hospital stay with pain medication and sterile conditions, there are numerous possibilities for a different kind of birth experience. Many people look online for information on these options.

Underwater childbirth is one such popular option where the process of giving birth to your baby occurs while you and potentially your spouse are in a tub filled with warm water. Underwater childbirth is considered by some as a philosophy of non-intervention in childbirth and a more natural transition for the newborn baby. It’s said; by many, that an underwater childbirth results in much less maternal pain during labor and is associated with a reduction in the number of women requiring an epidural. Many women complain of post operative complications as a result of an epidural and a water birth can make your birth experience much less painful. A water birth can be easily arranged at home as well as at many hospital birthing centers that now offer the water birth option.

The practice of underwater childbirth is not a new birthing practice but is increasing in popularity. This is increasingly being offered as an option by hospitals, midwives and under the recommendations of doulas. While having a home-based underwater childbirth is not always an available option for everyone, many people who do not forsee any potential problems can do it. Your doctor or midwife can advise you on your particular circumstances and suitability of underwater childbirth.

In order to determine if an underwater childbirth is for you, you will want to do some extensive research. Some say that a water birth is not only a very gentle and peaceful way to welcome your baby but gentle on the mother and an opportunity for the father of the baby to be more involved in the birthing process. Water birth is said to be a very gentle transition from the womb to world for a newborn baby. If water birth is an idea that appeals to you, find a doctor, doula or midwife who is comfortable and familiar with water birth to advise you.

Videos and slides of underwater childbirths are available for you to watch. An aspect of underwater births involve your baby being monitored using a special underwater Doppler device. You can choose to take childbirth classes, read books about labor and watch underwater childbirth videos as well in preparation.
Doula services are also widely available that include childbirth information and classes that focus on various natural methods of childbirth such as Bradley, underwater childbirth and Hypnobirthing.

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