Learning Stages of Pregnancy

In this age of technological wonders, people seem to need more and more bells and whistles to get their attention. The commonplace seems so “common” that many people don’t give any thought to the day to day aspects of life. One of those common experiences is pregnancy. The pregnancy itself may still be a marvel to those who experience it, but people, at least those who live in a Western society, seem to think that all pregnancies are successful. This is not true. If there is someone pregnant in your life, especially if that someone is your partner, it might be helpful if you started learning stages of pregnancy so you could understand what happens to a woman when she is pregnant. Learning stages of pregnancy could also be helpful if you learn to recognize some of the signs that a problem might be happening.

While pregnancy seems like a purely female activity, men could benefit from learning stages of pregnancy. Unless they are physicians, or deal with pregnancy on a daily basis, some men find the process confusing and intimidating. They may want to distance themselves from the process. This can be a problem if the woman believes that her partner is uninterested and their relationship might suffer at a time that could bring them even closer.
Learning stages of pregnancy can help a man understand that some of what happens to a woman is not always under her control.

The most obvious example of this is the fact that many pregnant women have mood swings during the early stages of their pregnancies. These mood swings are a result of the hormone imbalance in the woman’s body as she gets the fetus started on its development. The fetus also starts producing hormones and these, combined with the mother’s hormones, disrupt the mother’s system. If her partner understands that many of a woman’s emotions are due to this situation, he can weather the emotional changes more smoothly.

While most pregnancies proceed as expected, some pregnancies can have problems. If a woman has concerns about what is happening to her, her anxiety can be lessened if she knows that her partner understands the process, as best he can, and is willing to help her through any difficulty. Sometimes, just knowing that her partner is willing to learn, understand, and help her through the pregnancy will make the pregnancy a lot easier for the woman.

Learning stages of pregnancy can also help a couple explain the course of the pregnancy to their other children, if there are any in the home. The couple can also better plan for what is yet to come in the pregnancy, and as they begin to plan for their family after the baby is born.

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