Exercise During Pregnancy Helps the Birth Process

Exercise during pregnancy helps the birth process and can benefit you even if you may not feel up to it.

You will need to discuss any forms of exercise plans with your doctor or midwife before starting just in case you have any medical problems that may be affected by exercise. Exercising can help you feel better much better and will boost your energy levels.

Exercising can help relieve backaches and strengthen your back and thigh muscles ready for labor. During pregnancy all women are susceptible to constipation and exercise can help reduce this by increasing movement in your intestine and bowel. Exercise during pregnancy will help you sleep at night as it helps reduce stress, tension and obviously makes you tired.

Your joints become loosened during pregnancy because of all the hormonal changes in your body and exercise during pregnancy will help reduce wear and tear.

By having a healthy heart and strengthened muscles your birth will be easier and you will recover quicker. If you have a longer birth, then being able to control your breathing will help. Exercise can help reduce those pregnancy blemishes by increasing the blood flow to your skin and you will be sure to look radiant. You will not gain as much weight if you exercise during pregnancy but it is important not to diet or be actively trying not too loose weight.

A lot of women try to stay as actively fit as they were before they became pregnant and most are able to continue with their original exercise plan. If you have not really exercised much before then after getting the all clear from your health professional it is best to start off gradually and slowly increase.

There is a wide range of activities to choose from if you want to exercise during pregnancy. Some women like aqua aerobics where you can find special classes for pregnant ladies or dancing. Most health professionals recommend walking and it is easy to adjust the distance, pace or gradient as you get fitter.

It is important to watch out for any signs that you are overdoing things such as dizziness, blurred vision or palpitations. Exercise during pregnancy should be done gradually. You should avoid any forms of activity where you could injure yourself such as contact sports, horseback riding, and scuba diving. Always take a bottle of water with you when exercising, as it is easy to get overheated.

Another good form of exercise that is recommended for pregnant women is kegel exercises or pelvis floor exercises. This can help reduce incontinence, which is very common after childbirth, and the great thing is that no one can tell you are doing them.

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